Twelfth Night, re-titled by the characters

I’m directing a student production of Twelfth Night right now, and I’m having a lot of fun thinking about what the play’s title might be if it were re-written by each different character. OLIVIA: So Many Men Want To Marry Me ORSINO: Friendzoned For Seven Years VIOLA: Whoops! Let’s Just See How This Plays Out?…

Posted by Molly in Uncategorized / November 6, 2016

English Class Literature As Clickbait

Pride and Prejudice — How To Make Him Propose Twice Using Just Your Fine Eyes Animal Farm — Wow! This Horse Demonstrates Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work! Oedipus Rex — When Thebes Began to Rot, This One Man Found The Cure The Odyssey — The 10 Adventures You Need To Have Before You Settle Down And…

Posted by Molly in Pieces / October 4, 2016

The Book Booth
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