Monday, May 29th, 2017

I made some book breaths! Here are some photos of the process!

So I use crafting for self care – I have very little fine artistic talent, but, and maybe this is because of my theatre/stage manager past, I’m really into craft projects. I like embroidery, and coloring books, and anything sort of pinterest-y project that seems like I might actually be able to accomplish it. Crafting is totally soothing, and helps me practice mindfulness. Plus, it’s not writing, and sometimes I really can’t write anymore. xD

I’ve wanted to try a book page craft, because I have some old ARCs (advanced reader copies) of Saving Hamlet lying around, and as I transition into working more with my second book, I wanted to make some kind of craft-y tribute to SH. I found this tutorial, which looked manageable, and I tried it out and loved it. Thanks Vintage, Paint and more… for the awesome project!

The first book wreath I made, I used pages from a Saving Hamlet ARC, like my original plan. The process was so much fun! And real simple. I made this wreath larger, because I wanted to hang it over my headboard as one of the main wall decorations for the room. Here’s what the finished product looks like:

I loved the process of making this so much that I decided to make another, smaller book wreath for my living room! For this smaller one, I used the pages of some old, crumbly copies of Shakespeare plays. I took pictures during the process , so here are some of the steps. You can find the original post about this on Vintage, Paint and more… tutorial! I did basically the same thing, but for this one I filled in the hole in the middle to make a flower.

I used:

  1. Book pages, torn out. How many you need will depend on the size of the book, and the size the circle base. For the big wreath, I used about 85 pages. For the smaller one, about 65
  2. White foam board. I just bought the standard size thickness. I was worried it would be too thin, but it worked just fine
  3. For big/small sizes: a dinner plate/cereal bowl and a cereal bowl/little mason jar top
  4. Embroidery thread, doubled over for strength
  5. An x-acto knife
  6. A pencil
  7. A stapler

First, I traced around a cereal bowl on the foam board with a pencil and cut out the circle with the x-acto knife. Then, I traced a small circle inside, using a little mason jar lid, as pictured:

Cut it out:

Clearly, it does not matter if you’re not super great at using an x-acto knife. 😉

Then I tied a loop using the embroidery thread:

Next, I made the pages into a bunch of cones. With the first book wreath, I made a number of cones before I started, but for this one, I just folded a small pile and then made more as I went along.

I had to figure out how to fold the cones all pretty, and here’s the technique I came up with that worked for me: fold the smooth edge in toward the ripped edge, and then wrap the ripped edge around the outside.

Then I stapled the cone at the bottom. Repeat!

Glue gun time!! I bought this mini glue gun at A.C. Moore, and yes, I paid $2 extra for this flowery print, because I’m easily manipulated by colorful patterns. So you start with gluing a row of cones on the back, and then flip it over and start making rows on the front. Repeat! As you stagger the rows further in, fold the bottom of the cones into the middle and gluing the excess as flat as you can on the back. Make sure you don’t lose track of the hanging loop as you layer. I kept pulling the loop back, through the cones, just to make sure it didn’t get glued into the wreath.

With the first one I did, with Saving Hamlet, the paper was pretty new, so the middle looks nice and smooth folded in. But because this paper was so delicate, folding the ends inside the middle circle and gluing them to the back got a little crackled and messy.  So I decided to fill in the circle all the way, to make a flower. I love the finished product:

I displayed it in my living room, using the loop to hang it over a nail. It sits flat on the wall,

So that was my self care crafting for the long weekend! I totally recommend giving this book wreath project a try. It was easy, relaxing, and fun. The second, smaller one only took me about an hour and a half to make. I watched a few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder while folding, stapling, and gluing. A+ Sunday afternoon.



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