October 4th, 2016

Pride and Prejudice — How To Make Him Propose Twice Using Just Your Fine Eyes

Animal Farm — Wow! This Horse Demonstrates Why Capitalism Doesn’t Work!

Oedipus Rex — When Thebes Began to Rot, This One Man Found The Cure

The Odyssey — The 10 Adventures You Need To Have Before You Settle Down And Slaughter All Your Servants

The Crucible — Are You A Witch? Take This Quiz And Confess

Frankenstein — All The Things You Should Know Before Reanimating Dead People

Hamlet — This Man’s Mom Married His Uncle — But That’s Not The Weirdest Part

Jane Eyre — Why Your Fiance Keeping A Woman In The Attic Shouldn’t Necessarily Be A Deal Breaker

Dracula — Here’s Everything We Know About Vampires

The Catcher in the Rye — 3 Ways To Tell If You’re A Phony (Spoiler: You Are)

Little Women — Relationships Between Women, As Explained By 47 Chapters Of Beautiful Writing And In-Depth Character Development

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