May 5th, 2017

HAMLET – Watson, The Game Is On!

HORATIO – I’m Coming, Mr. Frodo!

OPHELIA – My Famous F*ckboi Ex

POLONIUS – To Thine Own Self Be True, And Other Straightforward Advice

GERTRUDE – My Fave Is Problematic

CLAUDIUS – Dear Prudence: My Millennial Stepson Is Ruining My Life

LAERTES – So What’d I Miss? *Jazz Hands*


GUILDENSTERN – Am I Rosencrantz?

GHOST – I Feel Like My Instructions Were Really Simple??

FORTINBRAS – Perfect Timing, Again

MARCELLUS AND BARNARDO – Now Everyone’s Dead, So Let’s Pinky Promise We’re Gonna Not Tell Anyone About That Ghost

© Molly Booth 2017

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