September 15th, 2016

Four years ago, SAVING HAMLET and Molly Booth first came together on a colorful hill in Vermont.


They both knew immediately that they’d found what they’d been looking for.


They would spend the following years working on their relationship — it wasn’t always easy, but they both held on, through good times and bad.


Saving Hamlet up angle

Sometimes Molly’s eyeballs dried out from staring at SAVING HAMLET for so long.

Saving Hamlet skull

Sometimes SAVING HAMLET lashed out, insisting “I didn’t ask to be written!


In the end, it was all worth it: today, they happily announce their commitment.



Please help celebrate their forever love story, and kindly save the date for November 1st, 2016.

save the date saving hamlet

Pre-order here!!

(photography © Tory Booth who is available for engagement photos. Hire her and/or send her fan mail.)





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